International GERSTEL Symposium 2021

Automation is getting more and more established in the analytical community. In fact, autosamplers are a constant presence in any analytical laboratory. The GERSTEL MPS is amongst them, being successfully employed by many GERSTEL users. Nevertheless, the use of the MPS is often limited to sample introduction tasks such as headspace sampling, injection and thermal desorption leaving unexplored a whole array of additional capabilities which could bring valuable benefits to your laboratory workflows.

Automated liquid handling is the very foundation of every successful automated sample preparation. How can you harness this unexploited power of your MPS?  You can start with the basis. Accurate preparation of stock and calibration standards is crucial to achieve reliable and reproducible analytical results. However, this process is often time consuming and sometimes biased by human error. Automated standard preparation can deliver results at least as good as those obtained by an experienced analyst while removing the possibility of human error and improving batch-to-batch reproducibility, with GERSTEL Maestro Software featuring several options for the liquid handling fine tuning.

But there is more.

In this talk we will outline the foundation of successful liquid handling, giving an overview of the different applications, from the preparation of your calibration curve to more complex sample preparation workflows.

Referent: Camilla Liscio / Anatune Ltd

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