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Material Characterization: Medical Implants – A Product Quality; Metabolomics: Automated Extraction and Filtration on the MPS Dual Head WorkStation; Forensic Toxicology: Automated Determination of Opioids, Cocaine and Metabolites in Blood and other Matrices; Water Analysis: Clean and Sensitive- On-line SPE-LC/MS Determination of Pesticides

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Tracking the Whole Range of Flavor Compounds

Sequential dynamic headspace sampling of brewed coffee and other beverages provides more information in a single GC/MS run.


Medical Implants – A closer look

In order to assess the quality and compatibility of a polymer based implant, it is vital to perform simulated in-vivo studies to provide qualitive and quantitive information concerning the compounds that are leached out of the device. These compounds are referred to as Leachables. Since they are present at very low concentrations, analysts often turn to Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction (SBSE) followed by Thermal Desorption GC-MS/MS for an accurate answer.


Established, Useful and Quite Often -

simply the Extraction Technique of Choice!

Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction (SBSE), based on the patented GERSTEL Twister, is a fully established technique in the world of chromatography. Quite often, SBSE is simply the method of choice. Professor Pat Sandra, SBSE inventor and founder of the Research Institute for Chromatography in Kortrijk, Belgium, casts some light on the beginnings of SBSE, the current status and what the future may hold.


The Twister Sisters pick up the Flavors

By utilizing Multi-SBSE and SBSE with in-situ derivatization, you can determine non-target analytes across a wide polarity range as well as target off-flavors and key flavor compounds. If a high-end GC/MS system is used, the amount of information gained is significantly increased.


Efficiently Automated Drug Analysis

Comprehensive automation of SPE-GC/MS based analysis of serum and other matrices for opioids, cocaine and metabolites.


Inside the laboratories of Schülke & Mayr GmbH

The MPS handles the Night Shift

Analytical Quality Control (QC) of pharmaceutical products follows a strict set of guidelines. The quantity of ingredients, standards and solvents used must be accurately determined; stability tests must be performed; analytical methods must be validated, the performance of analytical instrumentation must be verified and certified; and replacement of consumable parts and preventive maintenance must be scheduled at regular intervals. A key element in the analytical Quality Assurance program at the Pharmaceutical producer Schülke & Mayr GmbH in Germany is the GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS) with integrated Weighing Option.


Clean and Sensitive Determination of Pesticides

Online SPE sample clean-up based on replaceable cartridges provides higher sensitivity and lower limits of detection – without the risk of carry-over.


Automated Sample Preparation

Using the GERSTEL MPS Dual Head WorkStation

In metabolomics studies, relatively large sets of samples are processed to allow differentiation between sample types and the analytical variability must be lower than the biological variability. In order to achieve this, automating the sample preparation is a good first step, which can contribute significantly towards improving the repeatability of the total analytical procedure. Part 1of a series of 3 takes a closer look at Automated Ultrasonic Assisted Liquid Extraction and Filtration.