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Off-odors in materials, food, beverages, consumer goods, etc., are a significant concern globally. They lead to consumer complaints, a

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Increasing population growth combined with changing socioeconomic backgrounds has led to increased demand for sustainably produced

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Based on real life examples, a range of workflows are presented that have been automated with the MultiPurpose Sampler - fitted with the

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Determination of PFAS in Food of Animal Origin using online SPE Cleanup and LC-MS/MS

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Modern pyrolysis instruments perform flexible and efficiently automated pyrolysis of solid and liquid samples at

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Part Two:  Expect the Unexpected!


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The analysis of PFAS in water

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High Volume Sampling and Analysis of Volatile PFAS Compounds in Air Using Thermal Desorption and GC-MS/MS

Wednesday, May 18, 21

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In this presentation, we will present an overview of simple to comprehensive automation for sample injection and preparation, that can