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The Twister is the SBSE (Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction) solution from GERSTEL. It enables analytes from liquid or gaseous samples to be enriched solvent-free. Due to the large phase volume, the Twister is very sensitive and is therefore especially suitable when performing trace analytics. You can simply use the Twister and reuse it many times. The back extraction of the analytes is also possible.

Functional principle of the Twister

The Twister consists of a magnetic stir bar coated in glass and an adsorbent layer. For enrichment purposes, the Twister is inserted into the liquid sample like a stir bar and agitated for a specified period of time. Once enrichment is complete, the Twister is removed from the sample and dried. The Twister is transferred into an empty thermal desorption tube and thermally desorbed in the Thermal Desorption Unit TDU 2. The Twister can then be conditioned in the TubeConditioner TC 2.


Analytes from a liquid sample or from the headspace above the sample can be enriched quickly and solvent-free. Due to the large phase volume, the Twister offers a high degree of sensitivity. The Twister is highly durable and easy to handle. Once the analysis is complete, you can simply condition the Twister and reuse it many times. Using the MultiPurposeSampler MPS, you can automate the desorption and the subsequent analysis. Using the Twister, you can save time and resources.


A variety of adsorbents and Twisters of various lengths are available for the enrichment of different analytes.