Color Syringe volume
 Yellow  1 µL  1 mL
 Lime  5 µL  5 mL
 Dark Orange   10 µL  
 Green  25 µL  
 Purple  50 µL  
 Aqua  100 µL  
 Grey  250 µL  2,5 mL
 Light Oange  500 µL  


GERSTEL TriStar Syringes

Autosampler Syringes for the MPS

You need an excellent autosampler syringe in order to perform complex sample preparation methods and reliably inject large series of samples to a chromatography system. Lowest possible sample to sample carry-over and highest accuracy are required. Modern mass spectrometers detect every trace contamination placing high demands on rinsing, solvent quality and syringe quality. GERSTEL TriStar Syringes are designed and produced to meet these demands. The rugged and inert materials used provide resilience to solvents, expanded temperature range and long life expectancy. The number of cycles that can be performed with TriStar syringes has been expanded by a factor of up to ten compared with standard syringes. 

The TriStar syringe series offers several improvements to minimize or eliminate sources for carry-over, such as reduced residual volumes and active sites inside the syringe.

The sample is kept clean and uncontaminated, and the needle remains solidly mounted without the risk of solvent attacking the glue. GERSTEL TriStar Syringes for the GERSTEL MPS are available in all standard sizes.

Benefits of the GERSTEL TriStar Syringes

Color coded

  • Easy selection of the correct syringe volume through clear and unambiguous color coding
  • Reliable analysis, the risk of incorrect syringe selection is minimized

Inert, rugged material

  • Reliable analysis performance with solvent-resistant surfaces
  • Extended temperature range for increased ruggedness and application range
  • Long life span with reliable operation

Optimized assembly

  • Carry-over minimized through reduced residual volumes in the plunger assembly, improved surfaces and PTFE surface sealing
  • Carry over and contamination reduced through improved syringe-to-needle connection, eliminating cavities and contact with glue.
  • Active plunger tip provides improved Headspace syringe sealing and reduced temperature equilibration times resulting in improved flexibility and productivity


  • Previous versions plungers and needles can be used for TriStar syringes, but it is not recommended to use TriStar plungers and needles for previous version syringes.