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Sequence By Barcode is an extension for the MAESTRO software. It enables the automated, barcode-controlled assignment of samples to methods and sequences. Assignment can either be performed on a sample by sample basis or in batches. If needed, trigger vials initiate predetermined actions, such as the creation of a calibration series. With Sequence By Barcode, you can make unlimited use of all sample preparation steps and sample introduction steps that are familiar from the MAESTRO software.

Functional principle of Sequence By Barcode

Sequence By Barcode is coupled to an external database, in which an ID and a method are assigned to each sample. The samples are located in vials, to which a barcode containing the relevant sample ID has been applied. The barcode is read and the software assigns the relevant method to the sample, based on the barcode. Depending on the settings, the MPS processes each sample individually or in batches. If the samples are processed individually, flexible changes can be made, to enable the processing of priority samples, for example. If the samples are processed in batches, all samples are first scanned, after which the software creates a sequence that will include prepping ahead, if possible.


With Sequence By Barcode, you can assign samples to existing methods using barcodes. The relevant sequences are created automatically. This means that the time-consuming manual creation of the sequences is no longer required and transfer errors are avoided. Assignment by barcode allows the samples to be processed, irrespective of where the sample is located in the system. Thanks to the unique barcode, there is no risk of samples being confused. You can choose between optimum time-savings or maximum flexibility.