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The MAESTRO software is the central control software from GERSTEL. Using the MAESTRO software, controlling all injections and the complete sample preparation process in the system is simple and intuitive. The MAESTRO software efficiently preps ahead the individual steps to save time and provides you with a clear preview of the forthcoming run. If you are using the MAESTRO software in such a way that it is integrated in the chromatography data system, you will only need one sequence for the run taking place in the system as a whole. You can also still preferentially process priority samples after the run has started.

Functional principle of the MAESTRO software

Using the MAESTRO software, you can control all of the functions within the system. You can create methods for the injection of a sample and can combine those injection methods to form sequences, simply by a click of the mouse. Sequences make it possible for a large number of samples to be processed automatically, using standardized injection methods.

The MAESTRO software also offers you the ability to control the MPS step by step using prep steps and to combine the prep steps in whatever way you wish. These prep steps can either be added to an injection or you can create a prep sequence consisting of several prep steps and use this on a number of samples. All injection methods, sequences and prep sequences can be saved, so that you can access them again at any time.


Using the MAESTRO software, the entire GERSTEL system can be controlled with ease. You can assemble complex sample preparation steps with just a few clicks of the mouse. The integrated scheduler shows you the predefined process before the run actually begins. A plausibility check performed while creating the sequence prevents runs being aborted. The MAESTRO software can be operated on a stand-alone basis, or integrated in or coupled to a chromatography data system from a number of different manufacturers. When operating in integrated mode, you only need a single method and a single sequence to operate the system as a whole.