In this Podcast we are talking about analytical chemistry and the hidden treasures in this field.

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The hosts of this Podcast:

Kurt Thaxton
Kurt Thaxton
Kurt Thaxton is an International Product Manager for GERSTEL, a German manufacturer of thermal desorption, pyrolysis, and other means of sample preparation and sample introduction for GC- and LC-MS. For over twenty years, Kurt has been a user of thermal desorption and pyrolysis as a research scientist at International Paper and later as a Product Specialist for Varian Inc. Later Kurt became involved in both the commercial and technical aspects of these techniques at Markes International and now GERSTEL. Kurt also serves actively in different capacities at SAE, ASTM, AIHA, and ISO. Kurt has an M.S. in Analytical Chemistry form The Ohio State University where he focused on using mass spectrometry to solve analytical problems; MS remains a central interest and focus of Kurt’s work today.


Jan Garbe-Immel
Jan Garbe-Immel

Active in the field of analytical chemistry since 1989. Jan started as a chemical laboratory assistant at Bayer in Wuppertal/Germany. Already in 1992 he changed to Hewlett/Packard in the service department, where he installed, repaired, maintained and educated HPLC/GC/CE and mass spectrometers. The change to support sales occurred simultaneously with the spin-off of Agilent Technologies from the main company HP. In 2007, Jan then joined VAR partner GERSTEL in sales of GERSTEL/Agilent systems in West Germany. Since 2010 also as deputy sales manager. Although he has been actively consuming podcasts since 2006, it took him until the spring of 2021 to produce his own first podcast. This one is about traveling and technology with/in motorhomes. In 2022, the GERSTEL LabWorks Podcast will turn private know-how into an edutainment podcast for analytical chemistry.