Service is an indispensable and essential part of our performance for Gerstel. Our seven technical offices with regional service/sales teams offer comprehensive and qualified support in all service and software issues in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Thus, in addition to our telephone support, we are able to be on site with you in a timely manner. Our qualified service engineers will come to your lab to service your equipment, troubleshoot or replace components as needed.


You have purchased a new Gerstel system. What's next?

Our service engineers will install the system at your site and give you detailed instructions on the system and the control software during commissioning. After completion of commissioning, you will be able to analyze your samples independently and produce precise results.

Extended instruction

If you require additional training, we offer you our extended instruction directly during the installation of the instrument. Our service technicians will provide you with detailed information on the software, the MultipurposeSampler MPS and the gas chromatograph GC in about 1-2 days, depending on your specific needs. The aim of the extended training is to give you more confidence and experience in handling your instrument, so that you can solve smaller problems yourself or develop further applications yourself (method development/optimization).

Within the scope of this extended briefing we will teach you theoretical basics in addition to the mentioned practical aspects of working with Gerstel devices. You will receive training materials specially prepared for your training. Methods used during the training and chromatograms recorded during the training will be sent to you after the training.