Preparative Fraction Collector PFCOlfactory Detection Port ODPMAESTRO SoftwarePreparative Fraction Collector PFC

Fraction Collection and Olfactory Detection for GC and GC/MS


Preparative Fraction Collector PFC

The Preparative Fraction Collector PFC isolates up to six fractions from one or more GC Runs. Highly precise switching enables collection of compounds or groups of compounds from up to 100 consecutive runs for highly efficient purification.

Olfactory Detection Port ODP

The ODP enables sensing of compounds by the human nose as they elute from the gas chromatograph. The effluent is split as it leaves the column so that it arrives simultaneously at the nose and at the MSD or traditional GC detector. This way additional information can be gained on compounds that are responsible for specific odors. Voice recognition software and intensity registration enables easy, direct annotation of the chromatogram.