easy Liner EXchange eLEX

easy Liner EXchange eLEX

GERSTEL eLEX: Fast and easy manual GC inlet liner exchange.

When analyzing samples with high levels of involatile or insoluble matrix residue, GC inlet liners can become contaminated a after just a few runs. Matrix build-up can lead to peak broadening and loss of analytes through adsorption in the liner. Under such conditions, in order to get correct analysis results, the analyst must regularly perform a liner exchange, an operation which normally requires several manual steps. Using eLEX this complex task becomes quite simple: An ALEX sampling head is mounted on top of the Cooled Injection System (CIS) inlet and whenever the liner has to be exchanged the pneumatic lock is released. The used liner and transport adaptor are then easily and quickly manually removed and replaced by a clean liner and transport adaptor. The ALEX sampling head is then pneumatically locked and the system is ready for the next direct sample injection into the liner through the septum in the transport adaptor. In order to fully automate the liner exchange process, eLEX can be upgraded to the Automated Liner EXchange (ALEX) system, which performs automated exchange of up to 14 or 98 CIS liners at user-defined intervals in one automated sequence.

Features and benefits

  • Add-on available for all common GC & GC/MS systems
  • Easy replacement of contaminated liners provides reliable results and high system utilization
  • Upgrade of eLEX to fully Automated Liner EXchange ALEX using the MultiPurpose Sampler MPS