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MPS Robotic Dual Head

The MultiPurposeSampler MPS Dual Head is an autosampler with two heads. It combines the benefits of an MPS Robotic with those of an MPS Robotic Pro. Fitted with two heads, the MPS Dual Head is able to use two different syringe tools and syringes at the same time. Not only is a tool able to accommodate a syringe, but also a gripper. The MPS Dual Head is modular in construction and can be adapted for many laboratory applications. If suitably configured, both heads can move to the same module. Optimizing the processes in this way saves valuable time. The system is controlled using the MAESTRO software.

Functional principle of the MPS Dual Head

The MPS Dual Head consists of a rail and 2 heads, by means of which the injection unit can be moved in all 3 spatial dimensions. The rail runs in parallel over the GC or to the work surface. Trays and additional modules required for sample preparation are mounted on the rail. The heads move along the rail. Depending on the tasks to be performed, the two injection units can be fitted with a variety of syringe tools and syringes. Various injection techniques and sample preparation steps can be performed simultaneously with just a single autosampler. If suitably configured, the MPS Dual Head will switch syringe tool automatically. Additional modules can be retrofitted at any time.


Using the MPS Dual Head, various injection techniques can be performed with just a single autosampler. A large number of manual sample preparation steps can also be automated to save time. As the MPS Dual Head has 2 heads, you can use two different syringe tools and syringes in parallel for sample introduction and sample preparation. Exchanging syringes is a troublesome task that no longer needs to be carried out, saving you time. Thanks to the MAESTRO software, controlling the system as a whole is simple and intuitive.

Smart Series

The new MultiPurpose Sampler MPS Robotic smart series takes sample preparation and sample introduction to a new level of performance, reliability, traceability, process safety, and ease of use. The smart syringe technology ensures automatic loading of correct parameters to eliminate errors. Usage tracking provides traceability and lets you easily schedule preventive maintenance,  limiting instrument downtime and ensuring accurate results.


The MPS Dual Head is available with rails of different lengths. The desired combination of heads can also be selected:

  • 2 Robotic
  • A Robotic head on the left and a Robotic Pro head on the right
  • A Robotic Pro head on the left and a Robotic head on the right

The MPS Dual Head can be expanded by adding specific modules for a variety of sample introduction and sample preparation techniques.