Having to reach ever lower limits of detection is a daily challenge in modern laboratories. In order to succeed in obtaining sufficiently sensitive analysis methods, sample preparation techniques such as Sol id Phase Extraction (SPE) or Liquid-Liquid Extraction are often used as concentration steps. The concentration factor achieved in these cases depends on the amount of solvent used for analyte elution from the SPE cartridge or for liquid extraction.

Following the extraction step, further concentration of analytes can be achieved by reducing the amount of solvent left in the extract. This is typically achieved by evaporation. Such a concentration step can contribute significantly to improved limits of detection for the overall analytical method.

For the evaporative concentration step, commercially availablerotary evaporators as well as custom solutions are widely used. These are mainly stand-alone systems for manual operation. The GERSTEL MultiPosition Evaporation Station (mVAP) in combination with the GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS) now offers fully automated concentration of sample extracts.