Aroma Office 2D (Gerstel K.K.) is an integrated software approach for simultaneous processing of retention index (RI) and mass spectra (MS) for rapid and improved identification of flavor/aroma compounds. The previous Ver. 6 (and earlier) of this software ran on the Agilent ChemStation platform and the current Ver. 7 upgrades to integration into MassHunter Unknowns Analysis. After MassHunter deconvolution and mass spectral library search, the data is processed by Aroma Office with cross searching of deconvoluted library search results and RI values. The Aroma Search module allows an entire Total Ion Chromatogram (TIC) to be processed automatically. Search results can be further transferred to multivariate analysis software such as Agilent Mass Profiler Professional (MPP). The linkage and integration of these various operations offers a unique data analysis workflow for automated detection and characterization of aroma/flavor compounds and for sample classification in combination with authentication.