The GERSTEL Glyphosate / AMPA SamplePrepSolution is an LC-MS based analysis system for food and environmental samples. The heart of the system is the GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS), which performs the automated sample preparation. The MPS is coupled to a GERSTEL SPExos, an online solid phase extraction unit based on small exchangeable cartridges. The FMOC-Chloride derivatization, SPE cleanup and LC-MS/MS analysis in combination enable the system to perform routine analysis of water and solid samples extracts for Glyphosate, AMPA and Glufosinate at the required very low limits of determination. Automated Derivatization, SPE Cleanup and LC-MS/MS Determination of Glyphosate, AMPA, and Glufosinate in Water is performed in accordance DIN ISO 16308:2017-09.

The complete process is automated. Online SPE enrichment ensures that the analysis can be performed using very small sample amounts. As opposed to direct injection analysis methods, the SPE cleanup procedure helps ensure long term stability and consistently high quality of results. Solid sample extracts, for example of food or environmental samples, can be diluted with water, injected directly into the system and analyzed using the same method.

  • Automated sample preparation eliminates labor intensive manual steps.
  • Reduced use of potentially toxic solvents in the lab for reduced environmental impact, reduced cost of operation and improved occupational hygiene.
  • Minimal matrix effects, highest quality of analysis through optimal sample preparation.
  • Optimized system throughput: Sample Preparation is performed while the analysis of the preceding sample is in progress.
  • Complete system, including methods and comprehensive instructions.