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Solutions for Thermal Desorption
and Thermal Extraction

For thermal desorption and thermal extraction, GERSTEL has a range of unique solutions.
All GERSTEL solutions for thermal desorption and extraction have a totally inert flow path without valves or active sites,  providing best possible recovery of all analytes of interest.


Based on the Thermal Desorption System TDS, the Thermal Desorption Unit TDU, and the TD 3.5+ a number of GERSTEL thermal desorption and extraction solutions are available:
  • Extraction of bulk samples in the Thermal Extractor TE, enrichment on adsorbent tubes and subsequent thermal desorption using the TDS
  • Automated micro-scale chamber analysis based on standard 3.5" sorbent tubes using TD 3.5+ and DHS L 3.5+
  • Automated thermal desorption of standard adsorbent tubes in the TDS
  • Automated desorption of the GERSTEL Twister
  • Automated thermal extraction of up to 196 samples in µ-vials
  • Automated injection of viscous or matrix-containing liquid samples to µ-vials and subsequent thermal extraction in the TDU (ATEX). The dirty µ-vials are discarded and replaced, the GC/MS-system stays clean.
  • Automated Pyrolysis of liquid and solid samples
  • Thermal extraction in 20 mL standard headspace vials in the DHS module. Analytes are trapped on adsorbent tubes and desorbed in the TDU.
  • TED-GC/MS: Indirect determination of microplastics through
    their breakdown products by combining Thermogravimetric
    analysis and automated TD-GC/MS for improved qualitative
    and quantitative data from representative sample amounts.