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MPS Liquid

The Multi Purpose Sampler MPS Liquid is an autosampler that is used for liquid injection. It can be used as an autosampler for GC (GC/MS) and LC (LC/MS). The MPS Liquid is modular in construction and can be flexibly adapted to fulfill different requirements. Using the MPS Liquid, many sample preparation steps, even including dynamic headspace extraction with subsequent thermal desorption, can be performed without any problem. The MPS performs complex tasks reliably – all steps and movements are performed with precision and in a controlled and reproducible manner. The system is controlled using the MAESTRO-software.

Functional principle of the MPS Liquid

The MPS Liquid consists of a rail and a head, by means of which the injection unit can be moved in all 3 spatial dimensions. The rail runs in parallel over the GC or to the work surface. Trays and additional modules are mounted on the rail. The head moves along the rail. Depending on the tasks to be performed, the injection unit can be fitted with a syringe or a transport tool for thermal desorption. Additional modules can be retrofitted at any time.


Using the MPS Liquid, sample introduction and sample preparation can be performed with just a single autosampler. All of the work steps performed using the MPS Liquid are very precise and easily reproducible. Thanks to the MAESTRO-software, controlling the system as a whole is simple and intuitive.


The MPS Liquid can be expanded by adding specific modules for a variety of sample preparation techniques.