Dynamic Load and Wash (DLW)

Fast Wash Module

Near Zero Carryover – Fast Cycles and Exceptional Reproducibility

Mass Spectrometers are continuously being improved and have become so sensitive that carryover is constantly an issue. To meet today’s requirements for fast, clean and reproducible LC/MS injection; GERSTEL is offering the Fast Wash Module for the GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler MPS robotic.

Combined the excellent reproducibility seen in standard syringe injection systems with efficient syringe and needle wash with up to 2 different solvents. Micro pumps deliver the required quantity of solvent quickly and reliably. At the end of the injection cycle, the parts which have been in contact with the sample are completely clean. As a result, near-zero carryover is achieved for most components.

Fast Wash Module Benefits:
  • Near zero carryover 
  • Fast -  Cycle time between injections 
  • MAESTRO control - Integrated software control including multiple sample preparation techniques 
  • Dual solvent wash – For example aqueous and organic 
  • High Flow Version – High Flow Fast Wash Module for more efficient rinsing
  • Modular - The Fast Wash Module is easily added to existing MPS robotic series Autosamplers
  • Mounted below injection valve – No additional space required on sampler