Aplicaciones por tecnología

GC rápida

Nota de aplicación-2008-06
Automated SPE and Fast GC-ECD Analysis of PCBs in Waste Oil

Nota de aplicación-2007-08
Rapid Multidimensional GC Analysis of Trace Drugs in Complex Matrices

Nota de aplicación-2006-12
Fast Screening of Pesticide Multiresidues in Aqueous Samples by Dual Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction (Dual SBSE)
and Thermal Desorption - Fast GC/MS using a Modular Accelerated Column Heater (MACH)

Nota de aplicación-2006-09
Target GC-MS Analysis using Accelerated Column Heating and Interactive Deconvolution Software

Nota de aplicación-2006_08
Fast Screening of Apple Flavor Compounds using SPME in Combination with Fast Capillary GC-MS using a Modular Accelerated Column Heater (MACH) and Quadrupole Mass Spectrometric Detector (qMSD)

Nota de aplicación-2006-06
Ultra-Fast Determination of the Hydrocarbon Oil Index by Gas Chromatography using a Modular Accelerated Column Heater (MACH)

Nota de aplicación-2006-02
Accelerating Single or Dual Column Environmental Methods using Low Thermal Mass Column Technology and Software-Controlled Independent Module Heating

Nota de aplicación-2006-01
Low Thermal Mass Technology, a New Approach to Accelerated Gas Chromatography that Provides More Efficient Dual Column Confirmation

Nota de aplicación-2004-05
Efficient Multidimensional GC Analysis of Complex Samples Using Low Thermal Mass Column Modules