Aplicaciones por tecnología

GC multidimensional y con heart cutting

Nota de aplicación 183
AromaOffi ce: Application of a Novel Linear Retention Indices Database to a Complex Hop Essential Oil
Nota de aplicación-2011-01
Determination of 2-Methylisoborneol, Geosmin and 2,4,6-Trichloroanisole in Drinking Water by Dynamic Headspace Coupled to Selectable 1D/2D GC-MS with Simultaneous Olfactory Detection
Nota de aplicación-2010-02
Determination of Trace Components Using a Selectable 1D/2D GC-MS System based on Capillary Flow Technology and Heart-Cut Fraction Collection
Nota de aplicación-2005-04
A Selectable Single or Multidimensional GC System with Heart-Cut Fraction Collection and Dual Detection for Trace Analysis of Complex Samples
Nota de aplicación-2005-02
Multidimensional GC Analysis of Complex Samples
Nota de aplicación-2004-05
Efficient Multidimensional GC Analysis of Complex Samples Using Low Thermal Mass Column Modules
Nota de aplicación-1994-06
Identification of Furan Fatty Acids in Nutritional Oils and Fats by Multidimensional GC-MSD
Nota de aplicación-1993-03
Identification of Fatty Acid Methyl Esters as Minor Components of Fish Oil by Multidimensional GC-MSD: New Furan Fatty Acids
Nota de aplicación-1993-02
Simultaneous Nitrogen, Sulfur, and Mass Spectrometric Analysis after Multi-Column Switching of Complex Whiskey Extracts
Nota de aplicación-1993-01
Applications of Multi Column Switching Capillary GC-MS in Identification of Trace Impurities in Industrial Products
Nota de aplicación-1992-02
Applications of Mass Flow Controlled Multi Column Switching in On-Line Capillary GC/MS
Nota de aplicación-1992-01
Applicability of a New Versatile Temperature Programmed Thermodesorption System in Single and Multi Column Capillary GC/MS