Aplicaciones por tecnología


Nota de aplicación-2013-06
Using TDU-Pyrolysis-GC-MS to Investigate Aged Whiskey Samples and Their Oak Barrels
Nota de aplicación-2013-05
Thermochemolysis – A Simple and Rapid Methylation Method Based on TMAH for Gas Chromatographic Analysis of Linseed Oil and Amber
Nota de aplicación-2012-14
Thermal Gravimetric Analysis/Mass Spectrometry Simulation using the GERSTEL Automated Pyrolyzer
Nota de aplicación-2011-08
Qualitative Analysis of a Finished Personal Care Product using the GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler MPS configured with Multiple Sample Introduction Techniques

Nota de aplicación-2011-04
Versatile Automated Pyrolysis GC Combining a Filament Type Pyrolyzer with a Thermal Desorption Unit