GERSTEL TubeSpikingSystem TSS

Tube Spiking System TSS

Automated spiking of standard tubes for thermal desorption (TDS/TDU)

Why cumbersome and complicated when it can be done in such a simple way: In combination with the GERSTEL-MultiPurposeSamplers (MPS), the GERSTEL Tube Spiking System (TSS) enables automated generation of standard tubes for Thermal Desorption analysis. Adsorbent tubes are spiked with a user defined volume of liquid standard and the solvent purged with a defined flow of carrier gas as required for method calibration and validation according to international standard methods. Up to five tubes can be mounted and spiked in every TSS unit and multiple TSS units can be mounted on the MPS for higher throughput.

Standard tubes that have been loaded using the TSS enable exact calibration of the Thermal Desorption-GC/MS system, resulting in reliable analysis results.

The GERSTEL TSS is compatible with standard adsorbent tubes.

GERSTEL TSS benefits

Automated generation of standard tubes for thermal desorption

  • Accurate and reproducible generation of standards under well-defined conditions
  • Correct analysis results through use of reliable standards for thermal desorption

Maximum flexibility

  • Compatible with standard adsorbent tubes 
  • Scalable system, additional TSS units can be mounted on the MPS as needed