Automated Solid Phase Extraction SPE

Step by step

Standard 1, 3 oder 6 mL SPE cartridges are available premounted with transport adapters for easiest possible automation using the GERSTEL SPE. An added benefit is that the GERSTEL SPE cartridges have practically no dead volume.
During conditioning cartridges are prepared for sample loading. Special activation steps can  also be performed by the GERSTEL SPE, in many cases without adding to the overall analysis time.
Loading the sample with defined volumes and constant flow rates leads to highly reproducible results even if there are variations in packing density of the solid phase material or in the amount of solid matrix in the samples.
Rinsing steps can be performed in order to remove interferences or to introduce a solvent that matches the eluting agent. Up to 12 different solvents can be used, providing unlimited flexibility and enabling the implementation of highly complex rinse cycles.
Drying the cartridge prior to elution can be helpful in some cases. This enables the analyst to more accurately control  the volume and composition  of the eluent. The GERSTEL SPE lets you automate this intermediate step by mouse click.
Finally, retained compounds are eluted from the SPE cartridge into a closed vial via a disposable syringe needle. This eliminates the risk of cross contamination. The obtained eluate can be concentrated by solvent evaporation directly in the collection vial while inside the SPE module.

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