LC/MS/MS system with DualHead MPS including SPE


GC/MS system with DualHead MPS including SPE and GERSTEL mVAP for automated evaporation of SPE eluates

Automated Solid Phase Extraction SPE

Automation – made easy!

GERSTEL automated SPE based on the MPS autosampler provides integrated method for SPE and GC/MS or LC/MS analysis for simple and error-free control of the complete system.
The MPS is a fully automated sample preparation and sample introduction robot for GC/MS and LC/MS. The complete system is easily and efficiently controlled from the Agilent ChemStation software or from the GERSTEL MAESTRO software.

Sample preparation steps are selected by mouse-click from a simple pull-down menu and can easily be combined with automated SPE:

  • Dilution and standard addition
  • Automated weighing, centrifugation and sonication
  • Derivatization before or after solid phase extraction
  • Heated or cooled conditioning and mixing

One method and one sequence table control the complete system including sample preparation and GC/MS or LC/MS analysis.


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