Pyrolysis Module PM for pyrolysis up to 1000°C inside the TDS

Pyrolysis Module PM

The GERSTEL Pyrolysis Module PM 1 is an accessory for the Thermal Desorption System TDS. The PM 1 enables heating of samples beyond the normal thermal desorption temperature limit of 400°C to a final temperature between 500 and 1000 °C. Applications include the determination of thermal decomposition products from - and thereby the structure of - samples like paint, polymers, adhesives, plastics and packaging materials.

Using the temperature programming capability of the PM 1 and the TDS, samples can be thermally desorbed prior to pyrolysis, in order to remove interfering volatiles and get a cleaner pyrolysis GC/MS analysis. This means that more and better information can be obtained from a single sample. First a Thermal Desorption GC/MS run is performed in order to get information on residual monomers and/or solvents in the sample. Secondly, the pyrolysis GC/MS analysis is performed with best possible results.

The TDS can be converted from pyrolysis to thermal desorption analysis in just a few minutes.

The GERSTEL Pyrolysis Module PM 1 is easily and conveniently controlled from the MAESTRO Software - stand alone or through the Agilent Technologies ChemStation software.