GERSTEL Solutions Magazine LC/MS Special Issue

The 2nd revised and expanded edition is now available: Efficient LC/MS trace analysis with Automated Sample Preparation

The GERSTEL Solutions Magazine LC/MS Special Issue 2nd Edition features automated sample preparation and sample introduction for LC/MS determination of food toxins and assorted contaminants in food, biological fluids and environmental samples. The featured articles cover LC/MS applications that have been developed by users and by scientists at GERSTEL and Agilent Technologies based on GERSTEL sample preparation technology. Applications cover a wide range of compounds: Perfluorinated Compounds (PFCs) in waster water; Drugs of Abuse in blood and urine, Pesticides in food and water, and last, but not least, Aflatoxins, Chloramphenicol, Malachite green and toxins that cause paralytic shell fish poisoning (PSP) in various types of foods.


GERSTEL Solutions Worldwide LC/MS Special Issue (pdf; 4,62 MB)
2nd Revised and Expanded Edition