02. September 2019

5th SBSE International Meeting, September 23-24, 2019 – Novotel, Paris-Sud

The fifth (Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction) SBSE International Meeting is centered on SBSE and other, green, solvent-reduced, and miniaturized sample preparation techniques for GC/MS spanning two full days.

Almost twenty years have passed since the invention of the SBSE technique, which is now used in a wide range of industries world-wide. SBSE remains the key subject of this 5th SBSE meeting, but related techniques such as thermal desorption and pyrolysis, as well as miniaturization in general, will be addressed from an application standpoint.

Day 1, September 23:
Workshop on the application of thermal desorption & other miniaturized techniques given by renowned analytical chemists and scientists.

Day 2, September 24:
SBSE workshop. Highly experienced users present a wide range of applications.
The application areas covered include: Food and beverages, flavor and fragrance, environmental and drinking water analysis, odors from polymers, and metabolomics of humans (health aspects) and plants (climate change impact on agricultural products).

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Please note: The early registration discount expires on September 14.
We look forward to seeing you in Paris.