MPS DualRails Prepstation as standalone variant
MPS standalone DualRail WorkStation
MPS DualRail PrepStation mounted on Agilent Technologies GC 7890 + MSD
MPS PrepStation for GC/MS

MPS DualRail PrepStation

Maximize your possibilities

For GC (GC/MS), LC (LC/MS) or standalone operation the MPS DualRail PrepStation maximizes your analytical possibilities. With an additional rail and tower the MPS PrepStation can handle two different syringes at once.


The MPS PrepStation offers:
  • Adding standards or derivatizing agents to SPME or headspace samples without manual intervention
  • Automated Disposable Pipette Extraction DPX followed by LC (LC/MS) or GC (GC/MS) injection
  • LC injection and fraction collection


Sample preparation steps are performed in a controlled and highly accurate and reproducible manner for best possible results. Every step is selected by mouse-click form a pull-down menu in the GERSTEL MAESTRO software and added to the overall GC/MS or LC/MS method.