MAESTRO: Easy and convenient operation

During the software development of MAESTRO one main objective was a convenient and user-friendly handling.

  • The sequence is checked for errors before the run to ensure that  all samples are analyzed as planned
  • The effects of parameter or method changes are visualized directly
  • Interactive on-line help with parameter specific input assistence for fast method development 
  • Sample preparation steps are conveniently and easily selected a from drop down menu - without macro programming


Context sensitive help

Help for the topic at hand is always at your fingertips in the MAESTRO software. Activate the help function for a single field of interest with a mouse-click or press the help button to display the on-line user manual with extensive help on the software screen in question.

Additionally, whenever the mouse cursor is placed over a parameter field, a short explanation showing the valid range for that parameter pops up to make it as easy as possible to generate the method.


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