Dual Column Switching System DCS

Versatile switching system for analyzing complex samples.

  • Intuitive MAESTRO software control 
  • Valveless, low dead volume, electronic flow controlled switching.
  • Continuous 'real-time' monitoring of sample analysis.
  • Available as a single or dual oven system, with or without cryo-focussing.
  • Easily installed in new or existing GC systems.
  • Can be upgraded to MCS.
  • Elimination of sample matrices, and isolation.
  • Determination of compounds of interest in complex mixtures.
  • Determination of trace impurities in 'pure' and bulk products.
  • Optimizing separations through column phase selection between pre-column and analytical column.
  • Online analyte enrichment by combining high sample capacity pre-column with high-resolution analytical column.
  • All SCS applications