MAESTRO method editor for convenient control of all DHS parameters
DHS method parameters can easily be edited and controlled

DHS - powered by MAESTRO

DHS is easily and conveniently controlled from the GERSTEL MAESTRO Software

Parallel processing of samples enable the DHS process to be performed during the chromatographic run of the preceding sample for optimal productivity and for highest system utilization.

Automated liquid handling in the MPS can be used for additional sample prep steps. As part of the sample prep procedure, standard addition can be performed automatically for best possible analytical results.

Sample prep steps are selected by mouse-click from a pull-down menu using the PrepBuilder function of the GERSTEL MAESTRO software.

A graphical scheduler display for the DHS process provides an overview of the time required for each individual step and for the complete sequence of samples for easier planning.

Just one method and one sequence table controls the complete process from DHS through sample prep and sample introduction to GC/MS analysis. Integrated control ensures a more efficient operation with less risk of error. The GERSTEL MAESTRO Software operates stand-alone or fully integrated with the Agilent Technologies ChemStation Software.

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