GERSTEL Headspace ChemSensor System

Unlike traditional electronic noses that are based on solid-state sensors, the GERSTEL ChemSensor System use proven quadrupole mass-spectrometer technology.

Why Use a GERSTEL Headspace ChemSensor System?

  • The GERSTEL Headspace ChemSensor System is unaffected by moisture in the sample, ambient humidity, or ambient temperature fluctuations. It is also immune to sensor poisoning.
  • Quadrupole technology enables customized screening and classification for multiple applications on the same system.
  • The GERSTEL Headspace ChemSensor System can ignore ions associated with dominant sample components   -   such as alcohol in wines or acetic acid in salad dressings   -   and model only the critical factors that differentiate samples.
  • Ions in a suspect sample that are not present in a good sample can be monitored in subsequent analyses using GC/MS. This can reduce troubleshooting time substantially and puts you steps ahead of e-noses that do not have this correlation capability.
Exclusively from GERSTEL

The GERSTEL Headspace ChemSensor System (HS/GC/MS) is offered exclusively from GERSTEL. Currently it is only sold in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe. Analysis methods are developed together with the client to assure that their specific needs are met.
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