Centrifuge GERSTEL CF200

The GERSTEL CF200 is a powerful centrifuge for the GERSTEL MultiPurposeSampler (MPS robotic). The CF200 performs centrifugation of up to 6 samples at up to 4500 rpm/ 2000 g. Centrifugation power can be specified in rpm or in g force using the GERSTEL MAESTRO software.

Easily replaceable rotors for 2 mL, 4 mL, 10 mL, or 20 mL vials are available. In combination with centrifugation, the GERSTEL MPS performs sample preparation and sample introduction.
The MAESTRO PrepAhead functionality ensures Just-In-Time sample preparation followed directly by sample introduction to the LC/MS or GC/MS for best possible productivity and throughput.


CF200 benefits

Enhanced sample preparation possibilities
  • Reliable and quick phase separation for liquid/liquid extraction (LLE)
  • Accelerated sedimentation of particles and solids
High flexibility due to quick and easy rotor exchange
  • 6 position rotor for 2 mL vials
  • 6 position rotor for 4 mL or 10 mL vials
  • 2 position rotor for 20 mL vials (force limited to 1500 g)