Cryostatic Cooling Device CCD2

Cryogen-Free Cooling option for your GERSTEL Systems

The GERSTEL Cryostatic Cooling Device CCD2 is a dual channel system designed to deliver cryogen-free cooling for up to two Cooled Injection System (CIS) inlets, or a CIS combined with a Thermal Desorption Unit (TDU), Thermal Desorption System (TDS 3C) or Thermal Desorber (TD 3.5+).

Engineered to deliver fast, independent cooling for applications requiring temperatures as low as -40 °C in the CIS, the CCD2 is quickly installed, simple to operate and built to last. The compact, modular design of the CCD2 is ideal for tight spaces, fitting conveniently on the laboratory bench.
Built with GERSTEL reliability, it will deliver years of trouble-free operation.
The CCD2 is a perfect replacement for cryogenic cooling when only moderate trap temperatures are required or a sorbent packed trap is required . The temperatures are simply set as part of the MAESTRO method for the analysis. The display on the CCD2 enables the user to verify the actual coolant temperature at any time.

The GERSTEL CCD2 is a dual channel system. One channel is typically used for the (CIS) inlet, the other for the associated Thermal Desorption instrument (TDU, TDS 3C or TD 3.5+).  Only one CCD2 is needed to cool the complete system.

Cooling capacity



-40 °C  

CIS + TDS 3C  

-40 °C -40 °C

CIS + TDU 2  

-40 °C 10 °C

CIS + TD 3.5+   

-40 °C 10 °C