Automated thermal extraction from micro vial inserts

Automated TDU-Liner EXchange ATEX

Direct Thermal Extraction in disposable micro-vial inserts

The ATEX option enables the introduction of liquid samples directly into micro-vial inserts used for thermal Desorption / Thermal Extraction in the TDU. Extracted analytes are refocused and concentrated in a Cooled Injection System (CIS) inlet prior to introduction to the GC/MS system.

The efficient extraction and concentration ensures highest possible sensitivity and lowest detection limits. The analysis system is kept free of highboiling contaminants and matrix residue ensuring best possible stability and system uptime. The ATEX micro-vials can be used for liquid or solid samples. Up to 196 samples can be processed automatically for determination of VOC / SVOC in heavy or involatile matrices. Following the analysis, the sample cup with the remaining high-boiling or solid residue is automatically removed.

ATEX helps to ensure maximum uptime and best possible analysis results by keeping involatile or complex matrix material out of the GC/MS system. Standard addition and other liquid phase sample preparation steps can performed automatically by the MultiPurpose Sampler MPS. The complete system is controlled directly from the GERSTEL MAESTRO Software.