The new MPS: Driving productivity

Since its introduction, the GERSTEL MPS (MultiPurpose Sampler) has been installed in several thousand laboratories, making it one of the most widely sold sample preparation and sample introduction robots for GC/MS and LC/MS. With this kind of success, it only makes sense to stick with the proven concept when developing the next generation. The new MPS delivers improved productivity and performance and provides an advanced platform for future developments.

Externally, the sleek and modern look is the first thing that strikes most people when they see the new MPS. As always, though, the magic is in the detail. The electronics of the MPS have been unified and brought up to the latest standards. A LAN port was added along with additional memory capacity giving the analyst more freedom to operate with multiple instrument configurations.
The new MPS supports all GERSTEL sample preparation and sample introduction technologies. All options are easily and intuitively operated using the MAESTRO software. The PrepAhead function enables parallel sample preparation and analysis, perfectly synchronized for optimized system utilization. The GC/MS or LC/MS system typically never has to wait for the next injection when it becomes ready after a run. MAESTRO operates independently or fully integrated with Agilent ChemStation or GC MassHunter. The new MPS helps you further improve performance and productivity of your GC/MS or LC/MS analysis.

A glance at the application details provides some clues to the added value that the MPS can bring to your lab. The MPS helps you automate your sample preparation: Matrix residue is eliminated using SPE or dispersive SPE (DPX); standards or reagents can be added; dilution series created; analytes concentrated for improved limits of detection, for example, using Dynamic Headspace (DHS), Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction (SBSE) or Solid Phase Micro-Extraction (SPME).
An innovation in the range of options is Dynamic Load & Wash (DLW), which is used to eliminate carry-over between LC/MS injections. All sample preparation steps are easily, flexibly and intuitively entered by mouse-click in the MAESTRO software, and the daily sequence table is quickly generated using intelligent fill-down and copy functions.

The new MPS is your reliable platform for GC/MS and LC/MS sample preparation and sample introduction for the coming years.