07. Januar 2009

AppNote 11/2008 online

Nachweis von Drogen und deren Abbauprodukten in Blut und Urin mittels automatisierter DisposablePipetteExtraction DPX und LargeVolume-GC-Injektion.


In this work an automated DPX procedure is presented that enables the determination of acidic, basic, and neutral drugs in small blood or urine samples. The DPX method is based on a mixed-mode cation exchange sorbent (CX) with reversed phase characteristics. The automated extraction is shown to require only minimal manual labor when performed using the GERSTEL MPS 2 autosampler under MAESTRO software control. GC-MS data is provided showing that comprehensive, rapid and sensitive analysis can be performed using automated DPX combined with large volume injection.

Automated sample preparation steps are performed during the GC/MS run of the preceding sample using the MAESTRO PrepAhead function. PrepAhead sample preparation enables high throughput analysis, improved productivity and “just in time” preparation of each sample.

Analysis of Drugs and Metabolites in Blood and Urine using Disposable Pipette Extraction